From humble beginnings building homes in inner-city Adelaide in 1914, to now delivering major commercial construction projects, Kennett has used its decades of experience to build a strong reputation based on a progressive and partnership approach.

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Our approach – to deliver better.

As a fourth-generation builder, Kennett has been delivering ‘better’ since 1914. While we don’t aspire to be the biggest, we are committed to being the best in every way – for our clients, for those who occupy and visit our buildings, for our staff and our sub-contractors.

We are fiercely passionate about what we do, always with the end users in mind. From commercial and industrial, recreation and sport, aged care and health, education, retail, automotive, multi-residential and everything in between, we build it all – and better.

As builders, we do more than build physical things.

We are a…

  • Builder of quality
  • Builder of relationships
  • Builder of experiences
  • Builder of places
  • Builder of knowledge
  • Builder of futures
  • Builder of lifestyles
  • Builder of capacity
  • Builder of health
  • Builder of careers
  • Builder of Better.

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